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“Laboratory of optical crystals” Ltd. (hereinafter referred as “LOC” Ltd.) is one of a few manufacturers ZnGeP2 in the world. ZnGeP2 crystals are used for laser beam frequency transformation to mid-IR and THz range.

We provide with ZnGeP2 crystals dozens of scientific laboratories, universities, optical devices manufacturers and arms-related compaintes all over the world. Our clients are placed in Russia, USA, Germany, France, China and other countries.

ZnGeP2 crystals are used spectroscopy, medicine, gas leak detection, on-board counter air defence systems and many other spheres.

Our competences are certified by a considerable number of scientific articles in specialized jourmals, many in collaboration with international research teams. Production quality was audited by a specialized expert organization (audit results available only in Russian).

Laboratory of optical crystals is a resident of Tomsk innovative cluster.

Our company focuses on two activities:

- development of technologies of production for optical and semiconductor single crystals;

- production of optical and semiconductor single crystals as well as preparation of different functional components based on these crystals (ZnGeP2).

We are interested in collaboration with researchers in areas of:

- non-linear optics

- crystal growth